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Arizona State Board of Massage Therapy.  You can r
ely on our website to expand  skills, knowledge, and attitudes of massage and bodywork therapist.

If you are applying for a Massage Therapy License in Arizona click on the links below:
Requirements       Application

If you are Renewing click on the link below:
Requirements      Renewal App

When you sign and date the verification of completion
of Continuing Education on the RENEWAL form, your Continuing Education must have been completed by 
the stated date. If the Continuing Education is completed after the date on the verification, you may be brought
before the Board for an explanation.

Address Changes

5 Year Strategic Plan
2014 to 2018

Substantive Policy Statements
The Board has approved the following substantive policy statements, which clarfy its statutes and rules
Clarification requirement for academic transcripts

Clarification of  supervised instruction  

  • Notices
  • Citizenship information for Renewals 
  • Citizenship/Alien Status State Law A & B list
  • New License Card  Effective November 1st, 2012
  • Information about payment and fees
  • Information about about out of State Schools
  • Information about Massage Schools in California
  • Reporting Felonies/Misdemeanors     A.R.S. 32-3208 
  • DES Authority to Suspend Licenses  
  • Social Security Number Requirements
  • Non-Discrimination Policy 
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